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Bulb Garden Planter


8” Bulb Garden. This can be planted outdoors when appropiate. *Bulbs may not be open when delivered * Styles vary!!

6″ Green House plant


6” house plant in a basket. Varieties we carry are Aglaonema, Arboricola/Schefflera, China Doll, Croton, Diffenbacia, Dracaena, Ficus, Palm, Hanging Pothos, Sansevieria, Spathiphyllum. Inventory Varies, the nicest plant will be chosen to fill orders.

Out Of Stock

Large Fall Custom Outdoor Planter

Recommended Budget $75.00

Starting at $75.  We will create a beautiful custom fall outdoor planter in a durable designer container.  These designs will include mum plants and other novelty seasonal fillers. Each is a one of a kind design.

Blooming Plants (pick up only)


We always have blooming plants in the store.  Everyday varieties include Begonia, Calandiva, Cyclamen, Kalanchoe and Mums.  Colors vary!! We will pick the nicest one for you based on the occasion.  We also add a basket and bow to dress it up.  We generally can get other in season varieties with a 3 day notice if you have a specific you are wishing for. Easter Lilys will be in end of March