We carry hearty green, blooming plants and succulents. Sizes vary from 4-6-8-10 inch pots. Shipments arrive weekly to restock. In the spring we carry beautiful outdoor hanging blooms and in the fall and winter we custom make unique outdoor planters. We’re sorry but we do not repot your personal plants due to the risks.

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Large European Dishgarden


14-16″ basket with mix of green and blooming plants.  Custom made, styles will vary. We will choose colors appropriate for the occasion.

Medium Dishgarden


Medium Dishgarden. 12” basket. Plant varieties and containers vary! We custom make each dishgarden so no two are alike, but are similar to the images.


Orchid 6” On Sale!

$65.00 $60.00

Potted Orchid Plant. Container and bloom color may vary. If out of stock, please allow 48 hours for availability.

8″ Green House plant


8” house plant in a basket. Varieties we carry are Aglaonema, Arboricola/Schefflera, China Doll, Croton, Diffenbacia, Dracaena, Ficus, Palm, Hanging Pothos, Sansevieria, Spathiphyllum. Inventory Varies, the nicest plant will be chosen to fill orders.

Out Of Stock

Easter Lily


Sold in double baskets to meet delivery minimum or you can pick up single plants in the store.  Will be in the end of March 2021.

Stone Garden Planters


We carry many different sizes and styles of stone planters. The photos below are our number one sellers but we have much more in stock. We can choose one for you but feel it’s best to call us and we can tell you what we have in stock. Prices range from $30 to $100.  May we suggest adding fresh or blooming plants to the planter for an additional cost?

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Hanging Blooming Plants


Many variations of beautiful hanging plants in large 13 in pot.  I hand pick them at the local greenhouse myself to assure quality of shape and bloom.  Due to the size of the pots and overflowing blooms we have to take special care in transport, so we are unable to guarantee a delivery time.  We will do our best to accommodate same day delivery.  You can choose “pick up” to choose your own plant at the rear of our store in a designated pick up room to adhere to Co-vid social distancing.

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6″ Calla Lily


6″ potted Calla Lily planter. Pot cover and bloom colors vary. Not always in stock due to availability.

Blooming Plants in an upgraded basket or container with bow. Meets delivery Minimum


We always have blooming plants in the store.  Everyday varieties include Begonia, Calandiva, Cyclamen, Kalanchoe and Mums.  Colors vary!! We will pick the nicest one for you based on the occasion.   We generally can get other in season varieties with a 3 day notice if you have a specific you are wishing for. To meet the minimum for delivery we will upgrade the mylar sleeve to a basket or container and a bow.

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Outdoor Mums


Fall color variations in bushel black pots  Purchased and picked up at the local greenhouse myself to assure quality of shape and bloom.    You can choose “pick up” to choose your own plant at the store.