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7.5 In Poinsettia in basket with Holiday Bow


Red and White (glittered optional) Poinsettia 7.5” pot. Locally Grown, COMES WITH BASKET AND BOW!!!  Let us know if you’d like us to glitter it up, we have 24 different glitter colors. Looks great on the White

Holiday Centerpiece

Starting at $50.00

Starting at $50-$100. Perfect gift for the holidays.  Many won’t make the traditional family gatherings this year.  Send your loved ones something to say you care and are grateful!  Each custom, always added features.  We promise delivery with a smile.

Custom Design

Recommended Budget $50.00

Let us create a Custom Design in your price range using a mix of colors and flowers. Starting at $35.  We have vases, baskets and unique containers to create a one of a kind piece.  You can be assured the recipient will not receive another just like the one we will custom make.

Blooming Plants


We always have blooming plants in the store.  Everyday varieties include Begonia, Calandiva, Cyclamen, Kalanchoe and Mums.  Colors vary!! We will pick the nicest one for you based on the occasion.  We also add a basket and bow to dress it up.  We generally can get other in season varieties with a 3 day notice if you have a specific you are wishing for. Currently we have beautiful Christmas Cactus in stock (limited)


Gift Certificate

Recommended Budget $35.00

We have gift certificates in any denomination.   You can send any amount as an add on to an order being delivered.  However, if you are just purchasing the gift certificate alone amounts under $35.00 are store pick up only.