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Large European Dishgarden

Recommended Budget $125.00

14-16″ basket with mix of green and blooming plants.  Custom made, styles will vary. We will choose colors appropriate for the occasion.

Large Dishgarden

Recommended Budget $125.00

Large Custom made Dishgarden approx 14in basket. Plant varieties and containers will vary.

Medium Dishgarden

Recommended Budget $85.00

Medium Dishgarden. 12” basket. Plant varieties and containers vary! We custom make each dishgarden so no two are alike, but are similar to the images.

Orchid 6.5”


Potted Orchid Plant. Container and bloom color may vary. If out of stock, please allow 48 hours for availability.

6″ Green House plant


6” house plant in a basket. Varieties we carry are Aglaonema, Arboricola/Schefflera, China Doll, Croton, Diffenbacia, Dracaena, Ficus, Palm, Hanging Pothos, Sansevieria, Spathiphyllum. Inventory Varies, the nicest plant will be chosen to fill orders.

Basket of Daisys (Multiple Colors)

Recommended Budget $38.00

A basket of daisy’s arranged in white, yellow, purple or mix depending on availability, includes filler.  Baskets may vary, can also be done in a vase.  Just specify in notes.

Subscription Flowers-THIS IS A RECURRING ORDER!!!! We will call you to set up a schedule for ongoing deliveries.

Recommended Budget $50.00

Make a statement with a fresh bouquet on a regular basis.  Let us create a Custom Design in your price range using a mix of colors and flowers. Starting at $35.  Our typical design is seasonal flowers in a vase, basket or container   Pictured are 50-75 range of products.  You can be assured the recipient will not receive another just like the one we will custom make. We will take care of the scheduling, you can pick up or have delivered.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or you can choose specific dates.  Order your first one here, then give us a call and we will set up billing for the future dates.  952-758-4656

Deluxe Large vase, mix of novelty and standard flowers

Recommended Budget $95.00

Starting at $80. Want a WOW, this is it!  We will create a beautiful vase similar to the pictured.  These designs are done in seasonal flowers based on the occasion and whom will receive them. Each vase is a one of a kind design. $80-$200. NAME YOUR PRICE!

Gift Certificate

Recommended Budget $35.00

We have gift certificates in any denomination.   You can send any amount as an add on to an order being delivered.  However, if you are just purchasing the gift certificate alone amounts under $35.00 are store pick up only.