Wearables for the ceremony or celebration

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Basket of Daisys (Multiple Colors)

Recommended Budget $38.00

A basket of daisy’s arranged in white, yellow, purple or mix depending on availability, includes filler.  Baskets may vary, can also be done in a vase.  Just specify in notes.

Small basket/container with mix of standard flowers

Recommended Budget $40.00

Starting at $35.  We will create a beautiful arrangement in a basket or container similar to the pictured ($38).  These designs are done with standard seasonal flowers based on the occasion and whom will receive them. Each is a one of a kind design.

Wrist Corsage

Recommended Budget $28.00

Pick up only. We are offering single flower wrist corsages for your senior for their graduation ceremony event.  Chose a dark red or white gerbera daisy with black ribbon. State your color preference in the notes please.  If they like sparkles we can add colored powdered glitter. Photo is a close example.