Hi Janeil,


I first want to say thank you to you because you guys were great and easy to work with.


  1. Honestly I did not have a huge vision of flowers I wanted. I am a pretty simple person and was going to just do some small easy bouquet but then I decided no I wanted it to stand out. I looked for a picture that I liked and the colors that I liked and thought would go with our colors and let me just say WOW! The bouquet was absolutely beautiful and it fit perfectly into a vision I was forming as the day went on.


  1. The final cost to me seemed fair. I am not a flower excerpt but it seemed very reasonable compared to other florists I called. You also answered your phone in a reasonable amount of time which made it super easy for me.


  1. When I walked into the store to pick up my bouquet I felt very welcomed and I saw all the workers with smiles on their faces and excited for me to see my bouquet because they told me they were happy they got to be creative and loved that I put color into my bouquet and that made me feel good.


  1. I would 100% recommend you to any one.


  1. The only thing I would do differently is maybe tape something like a piece of wood or cylinder something on the handle because the bouquet was heavy and the handle seemed too skinny for the weight. but I figured out the perfect way to hold it and it was beautiful and I couldn’t have been more happy with how everything turned out.


  1. Yes you can share my feedback.


I wanted to share our group shot to shot (this was just a bystander taking the picture) of how the colors we did for my bridal bouquet matched perfectly with our colors and the bouquet that my sister made for us!

You were so great and helped make our day the best we could have imagined.


Thank You

Now Brenda Hanson! 🙂

Brenda 08.19.22