Hello Janeil,


Were you happy with the design of your flowers? I absolutely loved the floral arrangements you provided me! Everything from bouquets to the arch. The colors were exactly what I was looking for and you executed perfectly! I couldn’t have pictured it any better. FYI – My bridesmaids were also blown away and couldn’t believe how beautiful my bouquet was!

Were you comfortable with the final costs? I was very comfortable with the final cost.

Did you feel like you were treated as a valued customer? Yes, I felt like a valued customer. You were so responsive over email and answered all my questions.

Would you recommend me to others? I would highly recommend New Prague Floral & Such Inc. to any bride! As someone who doesn’t know flowers very well, Janeil made this part of the wedding process so easy for me. Show her your inspirational photos and you can trust that she will find and design beautiful flower arrangements within your budget. Janeil captured my vision perfectly! I really appreciated the transparency regarding cost throughout the wedding process, and there were no surprises with the final bill. Janeil and her team went above and beyond to help ease some of my wedding stress! It was so refreshing to be hands off with this area of the wedding process and to put all trust in New Prague Floral & Such Inc. – I am so happy I did because they executed my weddings flowers so perfectly!

Is there anything you would ask me to do differently? My only constructive feedback is I would ask for a lighter bridal bouquet. I absolutely loved the flowers and greenery selected in this arrangement. However, I was holding it with one hand for a few hours during photos and it became so heavy. I think this is personal preference and also something I wouldn’t have thought about before, but looking back this is the only thing I would ask to be slightly different!

Is it okay to share your feedback? Yes, please feel free to share my feedback. I will also send you photos of the florals once I get them back from the photographer 🙂

Thank you so much again! The wedding day was absolutely perfect, and I cannot get over how perfect the flowers were 🙂