Were you happy with the design of your flowers?

  • I was very happy with the design on my flowers. I feel they matched the descriptions I provided and each bouquet was beautiful and unique in their own way. Most importantly, I truly appreciated the fact you added my dried flowers in honor of my cousin who we lost this year and placed them in my bouquet so I could remember and celebrate her on my special day.

Were you comfortable with the final costs?

  • Yes

Did you feel like you were treated as a valued customer?

  • Yes, I felt like my wishes and visions acknowledged and honored to create such beautiful floral arrangements

Would you recommend me to others?

  • Yes – I appreciate the small town, local business opportunities and will definitely recommend to others.

Is there anything you would ask me to do differently?

  • I would have loved to see some options in person. I know it is not possible to have all the flowers on hand and you special order most for weddings, but I think it would have helped me envision what things would look like if I could have seen a few flower examples in person. Also, I would recommend having a portfolio of the arrangements you have done in the past at the initial appointments. There are so many options on pinterest and big dreams out there, but I think having picture examples of your own work would give a better idea of your talents and expertise. It may help to have general pricing information on these pictures as well so clients know what to expect.

Is it okay to share your feedback?

  • Yes


Thank you again for everything, Janeil! I appreciate your beautiful talents and we got so many compliments on our flowers.