Dear Brooke

Were you happy with the design of your flowers? Yes, the design exceeded my expectations! It is refreshing to be able to trust an artist to create something from limited descriptions and random pinterest pictures. You are very good at your craft!

Were you comfortable with the final costs? Yes, the quality of work reflected the costs and I found your prices to be very reasonable.

Did you feel like you were treated as a valued customer? Yes, I remember you handling last minute changes with professionalism and ease, which made me feel taken care of.

Would you recommend me to others? Yes, you understood my vision and produced beautiful arrangements (and you took me as a client on the same day you had prom!) I would highly recommend you to other brides.

Is there anything you would ask me to do differently? I really cannot think of anything you could improve upon.

Is it okay to share your feedback? Yes, please do 🙂

Hope this helps you and your business, it was a pleasure working with you! Brooke