Hi Janeil!!

Thank you so much for our flowers, they were absolutely AMAZING!

-were you happy with the design of your flowers?

YES!! You did such a great job of taking the picture that I showed you and turning my flowers into something similar. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was SO happy with how they turned out.

-were you comfortable with the final costs?

I have nothing to compare the costs to because I am not familiar with the prices of flowers but we were comfortable with the costs.

-did you feel like you were treated as a valued customer?

yes!! It was just the right amount of communication

-would you recommend me to others?


-is there anything that you would ask me to do differently?


-is it okay to share your feedback?


Again, thank you so much. Everything was gorgeous!

Makenzie and Brandon

Matthews Wedding

Hi Janeil-

Here’s my feedback:

Were you happy with the design of your flowers? Yes!

Were you comfortable with the final costs? Yes – In general, I was surprised about the cost of flowers, but in my research, found your prices to be in line. It was a relief the week of the wedding to have purchased this service vs. DIY.

Did you feel like you were treated as a valued customer? Yes! Meeting you in person a few months went really well and I wanted to work with you after that.

Would you recommend me to others? Yes!

Is there anything you would ask me to do differently? I think I would’ve asked to have more blush in the bridesmaid bouquets, but that did not affect me in any way 🙂

Is it okay to share your feedback? Yes

Thanks Janeil!



Weber Wedding

Hi Janeil-


I cannot tell you how special it was to see you bring my floral vision to life. My breath was TRULY taken away. You were so incredibly understanding, accommodating & kind throughout the entire process and made it so stress-free. We got soooo many compliments on the elegance and beauty of our wedding, especially florals & table greenery.

I have nothing but AMAZING things to say & would recommend you to ANYONE getting married!!!!! If I can leave a review on any specific sites, please let me know where would be most helpful. I will gladly sing your praises!!!! ♥️♥️



Erickson/Schultz Wedding

  Hi Janeil!

I just want to Thank you for the gorgeous work on our flowers for our wedding. You truly made our day and we can’t thank you enough!!!

Bridget McGuire

Shambour/McQuire Wedding

We were very happy with the design of the flowers. Everything was beautiful. We were comfortable with the final cost, felt valued, and would definitely recommend you for flowers and tuxes. We have no suggestions and you can use our feedback!


Thanks so much again!

Brooke Bednarczyk

Bednarczyk/Holmes Wedding

Hi Janeil,


I absolutely LOVED all of my flowers they were amazing wouldn’t change and thing I would highly recommend you (: thankyou so much!!

Mady Marroquin

Marroquin/Kodado Wedding

Hey Janeil,


I was VERY happy with the design of my flower!

I received many compliments on it as well.

I would highly recommend you to others. I feel the price was good & I definitely felt like a valued customer.


Thank you so much for everything, especially since I had no clue what I wanted and you were great at giving suggestions/feeling out what I liked and didn’t like. As I mentioned, my bouquet was gorgeous!!


You can share this response if you’d like.


Katlyn Woitas

Woitas Wedding

 Heather Emond

You did such an amazing job!!!! I loved them!!! My bouquet was a dream 😍😍


Edmond Wedding

Hi! Every thing was above expectations! All the bouquet’s and Boutonniere’s were amazing. I would most definitely recommend you to anyone and I felt the prices were very reasonable. Thank you for everything, we received many compliments!

Cassie Krueger

Krueger Wedding

Hi Janiel,

I was SO happy with the results. Everyone gave me so many compliments and I was very happy to have so many colors and types of flowers in my bouquet that looked so amazing together. The bridesmaids bouquets were beautiful as well.

I was comfortable with the final costs.

I felt valued as a customer.

I would recommend you to others and I did as the night went on and I kept receiving more compliments. 🙂

It was a little difficult to hold onto my bouquet since it was so big, so if there is any way to make the handle easier to hold onto (possibly making it bigger) that would’ve been better, but I did make it work.

It is okay to share my feedback.

Thanks again, Janiel! It was so perfect.

Here are a few pictures from my photographer that I think you would like to see for the flowers in the following email.


Veit Wedding